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Meet St. Louis' Pretzel Boy

Tim Garvey

Tim Garvey's father, a crusty character, grew up in Philadelphia where soft pretzels are sold on every corner. In his dad's house, the pretzel was king. They were used as stuffing for Thanksgiving, hung as garland during Christmas, and pretzel nuggets were put in the plastic Easter eggs instead of jelly beans.


Inspired by his dad, Tim began selling pretzels at an early age on the street corner before Cardinals games. But, he dreamed of something bigger. So, he traveled to Philly and studied under the city's most twisted pretzel baker.


In 2011, Tim came home to St. Louis. He rounded up his wife (Jamie), brother (Matt), and some salt-of-the-earth friends to satisfy everybody's craving for a fun and wholesome treat.

Stop by and visit us soon! It's fun to watch our twisted production! We mix our dough from scratch, hand-twist and design it, and bake pretzels fresh throughout the day! You'll love tasting the freshness in every bite.

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